Until 2006 I have been searching for my path. I have graduated from two different universities, I went to several courses, I learned languages – English and German – and was looking for the job, I could truly put my heart into. But after a couple of years spent working for multinational companies it dawned on me that it was not my calling to work my life  away between four walls. I was missing my freedom, my creativity, the outdoors and most of all interaction with real people instead of stiff corporates.

It all started in 2007. First I was a wedding planner, but after a few years I became interested in some other parts of a wedding too. My husband works as a master of ceremony ( he already had more than 700 weddings ) and on his course I could learn the basis of this job. Nowadays I work as a master of ceremony or as a ceremony leader on international weddings. 

For me are each wedding is a new challenge, and my aim is to give a permanent beautiful memory to the the young couple. A wedding is a miracle, an unrepeatable intimate feast, everything must happen like you imagined in your dreams. There is no second act, no second chance. There is only one opportunity and we have to make it a perfect and unique day.Thank you for visiting my page, I hope we will meet soon in person and start to discuss one of the most important days of your life together.