Ceremony leader

Ceremony leader

I often faced the problem that the young Couples are not allowed to organise a civil ceremony at that time and on that venue where they wanted.

I was among the first in Hungary who started to work as a ceremony leader. It was in 2008. These ceremonies are not official, so the Couples have to get married in advance – in Hungary or abroad.

After hundreds of ceremonies I am still enthusiastic because it’s an amazing feeling that I can help to make the Big day of a Couple much more beautiful and memorable. Every Couple is different and this fact motivates me to renew continuously. On each ceremonies there is a different text with personal details, and so the Newlyweds will feel this day is just about them

Hungarian ceremony:from 50.000 HUF(outside of Bp 50 HUF/km)

Bilingual ceremony:from 70.000 Ft(outside of Bp 50 HUF/km)